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IAU Serum Oil

With high content of Green Nut Oil, adds shine to hair that is prone to dryness. It hydrates and maintains smooth, silky hair. You may use it as a heat protectant while doubling as a curl serum to reduce frizziness.

I.A.U Serum Oil
Leave-in Hair Treatment 100 ml


How To Use:

As a Hair Oil…
1. Dispense 1 – 2 pumps onto your palm and spread well
2. Apply to damp/dry hair through mid-lengths and ends
3. Blow dry and leave in

As Curl Serum…
1. Dispense ½ pump onto palm
2. Apply one strand at a time twisting it through the curls and all the way into the ends

1. Dispense a small amount onto palm and spread well
2. Apply evenly on to hair to add shine


Key Benefits:

★ Formulated with green nut oil, which contains generous amount of Vitamin E and is high in anti-oxidant.

Locking in the moisture (more than 8 hours), making our hair more manageable.


Suitable for:

Extremely brittle & dry / high damaged / frizzy / unruly hair




IAU Serum Oil