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Our team is made up of creative stylists, chemical and technical experts. Together, we create looks for you that are timeless and unique.

More than just a salon, we want you to feel at home as we design your dream hairstyle with you.

Hair Stylists

Joe Lai


As a professional hairstylist, my objective is to craft haircuts that align flawlessly with clients’ preferences. I find great joy in exploring diverse hairstyles and experimenting with various colors on my own hair, constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and style.

Professional Experience : 17 Years

Keith Lee


Being trained abroad has given me a deep understanding of various techniques required when creating my specialty perms and vibrant hair colours. With an avant-garde taste for hairdressing, I am able to create a style which defies the norm no matter the length of your hair.

Professional Experience : 10 Years

Winson Chu


I take immense pleasure in exploring a wide range of hairstyles and constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and style. The passion for innovation and self-expression enables me to offer my clients fresh and exciting options that truly reflect their individuality.

Professional Experience : 14 Years



As a hairdresser, It is my mission to design haircuts according to my customer’s preferences. A personalised hairstyle based on one’s face shape, personal style and age will definitely make you shine! I enjoy experimenting with different hairstyles and colours on myself too!

Professional Experience : 7 Years

Therapists & Experts

Darren Yeong


Luscious and healthy hair is well known to be a woman’s crown of femininity. Majority of my clients are women who face common hair care problems. I provide not only comprehensive solutions for these women but boost their confidence by revitalising their personal sense of beauty and grace.

Professional Experience : 9 Years

Behind the Scenes

jeff teh

u-area manager

Dear Ladies, time is too merciless. It adds to your age and smoothes your edges. You have changed from a naive girl to a woman who is physically and mentally exhausted, and has experienced too many hardships and setbacks. I began to notice fine lines at the corners of your eyes, a tired face, haggard eyes, and messy hair. This is a testament to what you have done for your family. The reality of society and the cruelty of people’s hearts make us see that no one can be trusted. Let U-Hair recreate a new makeover for you! The proprietress of U-Hair is our best proof – To give the best and the most beautiful to your dear self, in order to live a wonderful life.

Professional Experience : 18 Years